Sand Trap

Listen to the Message
Matthew 7:24-27
Success and stability depend on the foundation upon which the endeavor is built. 
Jesus is talking out the foundation upon which we build our lives -- it's either rock or sand. 
"Anyone who listens to my teachings and obeys me is wise."
We're more convinced of our ability to fail in this area than we are convinced of our ability to succeed in this area. 
1. The Problem With Percentages
  • Very few of us live all the way to the left or all the way to the right. 
  • We all have these pockets of sand. 
  • It's a sand trap. 
2. The Erosion of Sand
  • We need to remember that when it comes to obedience, 80% simply will not work over the long term. 
  • This is simply about the results that your behavior produces. 
  • The precepts and principles of scripture are given to us for a purpose. 
  • There is a sense in which God doesn't punish disobedience, but rather disobedience brings about its own punishment. 
3. Two In-Your-Face Truths
  • You can't blame everything on the system. 
  • Gravity works for everyone
  • Storms happen to everyone
  • Each of must be willing to take ownership of the decisions we have made that brought us to this point. 
  • How much are you will to obey?
4. You Can Change the Foundation Your Life is Built On
  • But in the spiritual life you CAN change the foundation that your life is built upon. 
  • Put into practice the words of Jesus. 
  • With every act of obedience, you turn the sand beneath your feet into solid rock. 
  • May we all be like the man who built his house on rock.