Form vs Content

Listen to the Message

Matthew 7
If you want to have a relationship with God, you have to go beneath the surface of religion and experience a heart-changing spirituality. 
Religion is “good form”
Spirituality is good content
It is possible to be religious and still miss out on a relationship with God. 
We’re not always as concerned about what’s in the package as we are with the package itself. 
Good form is easier to maintain than good content.
The greatest tragedy you could experience is to spend your life perfecting the form — the appearance, the image — and neglect the content
1. Look for it. 
  • It’s used to describe something that is found simply by making an effort to look for it. 
  • Seeking and finding are closely related. 
  • If you want a close relationship with God, you can have one. 
2. Examine the contents of your life. 
  • Each one of us needs to take a long hard look at the fruit our lives are producing. 
  • Examining the fruit of your life can be painful, but it’s also rewarding. 
3. Get to know Him. 
  • “He who does the will of my Father...”
  • “Away from me, you evildoers.”
  • Some people only want to serve in the “glamorous” ministeries. 
  • “I never knew you.”
  • Developing a life of content means having a relationship with Jesus that extends beyond your public life, into your private life. 
  • You must focus on the content of your life, rather than just the package.