Chaos of Too Many Canaries

Listen to the Message

Acts 6:1-7
I’ve got so much content in the cargo container of my life that sometimes I’m just too weighted down to move forward. 
Learning to stand your ground in a culture of chaos. 
The Chaos of a Full Plate
When we’re faced with a challenge, we’re expected to do our part. 
Being busy is good, when you are busy with the right things. 
I don’t want less cargo, I want a bigger cargo container.
1. Keep an eye out for uncovered bases. 
  • “No matter what you do, somebody’s going to find something to gripe about.”
  • That’s he easy way out, not the immovable way out. 
2. Keep an eye out for solutions that won’t compete with your priorities. 
  • One mistake we make when our schedules become too full is that we start chopping things from our schedule. 
  • When this is our attitude, the right solution will present itself.  
3. Keep an eye out for what others have to offer. 
  • These seven men were ideal for the job because the apostles had been doing their job. 
  • You’ll never get to the place where your schedule isn’t full. 
  • In this life we’ve got a job to do — a world to change.