Unless You Change

Listen to the Message

Matthew 18:1-4

"What does it mean to be a five-star Christian?"

What does it mean to be holy in God's eyes?

How does one become "the greatest in the kingdom?

"Unless you change."

In order to become holy, you must change.

Without experiencing a life-transformation, we will never become truly holy.

At that point, you begin a journey into holiness.

As long as we live, we must be engaged in the process of change.

"What do I need to change about myself in order to live a life more pleasing to God?"

He said that we're to be child-like, not child-ish.


  • Have you ever noticed how our attempts at humility are often laden with pretentiousness?
  • We want to look humble more than we want to be humble.
  • 1. No one acts big.
  • 2. No one acts small.
  • 3. Everyone acts medium.
  • It means that you think of yourself less.


  • Have you ever tried to complete a household project with a child around?
  • We must be enthusiastically teachable.
  • If you're teachable, then God will speak to you.
  • Whoever gives heed to instruction prospers. (Proverbs 16:20)


  • They're utterly dependent and they know it.
  • "I'm a self-made child...I picked myself up from my bootstraps and made myself what I am."
  • He's looking for followers who will depend on Him for everything.
  • If you see a turtle on a fence post, you know he had some help getting there.
  • We can't do it on our own; we have to depend on Him.
  • You have to get to the place where you depend on God.
  • All I can do is depend on you to change me through your mercy and power.
  • When you become like a child, you will become mighty in the eyes of God.