A Creed To Live By

Listen to the Message

Mark 12:28-34
This is the most pivotal passage in the gospels because it summarizes the entire Christian life in just a few words. 
It comes down to:
Love God, Love Others, Love Yourself
1. How Great God Is. 
  • God comes first. 
  • He is the center of the universe, not you or me. 
  • “The basic human problem is that everyone believes that there is a God — and I’m it. 
  • My point is that each of us needs to remember that the world revolves around none of us. 
  • You determine your foundation and your focus. 
  • What matters most is one’s connection to the God of the universe. 
  • God must be the foundation and the focus of our lives — our source of direction. 
2. How Fundamental Love Is. 
  • This is unfortunate, because in every other area of life, you want someone who excels in the fundamentals. 
  • John 13:35
  • Love is the fundamental priority for followers of Jesus. 
  • Once we love Him rightly, obeying is no longer an obstacle. 
3. How Valuable People Are. 
  • Just as loving God belongs at the top of our priority list, so does loving people. 
4. How Special You Are. 
  • If I can’t be patient with myself, it’s hard to be patient with others. 
  • That means being patient with yourself, forgiving yourself, encouraging yourself and treating yourself with kindness. 
  • Of all the people you’re supposed to love, you’re one of them. 
  • It’s a creed for us to live by: Loving God Loving People