Listen to the Message

Mark 6:1-6 
They didn't expect Him to become "famous".
They thought they knew Him, they thought they had Him sized up, but He was nothing like they imagined Him to be. 
1. He Didn't Fit Their Stereotype of Greatness
  • A nobody who tries very hard to act like a somebody.
  • Everyone knows a nobody who tries to act like a somebody, but Jesus was the opposite: 
  • He was a somebody who acted like a nobody. 
  • What gives this guy the right to speak and act like a prophet? 
  • People are often attracted to an image, not a reality. 
  • If you can't get an expert, then fly in an outsider and everyone will think he's an expert. 
  • Discover Him for yourself.
2. He's Often Unfairly Dismissed.
  • His words weren't taken seriously. 
  • Can you imagine people so close to Jesus having so little understanding? 
  • We allow ourselves to become immune to His teaching. 
  • And we sometimes find ourselves not taking Him seriously.
  • He calls for radical discipleship, for total commitment, for complete obedience, but we try to maintain a casual relationship with Him. 
  • When you rediscover the Jesus of the gospels, you encounter one who cannot be dismissed, one whose words are life and truth. 
3. Dismissing Jesus means that you miss out on His power.
  • Jesus healed those who were brought to Him. 
  • Jesus "could do no mighty work there" because the people never gave Him a chance. 
  • Don't dismiss His words as just "a good verse" or just "religious talk" or just "wishful thinking." 
  • "You miss 100% of the shots you never take." 
  • You get zero answers to the prayers you never pray. 
  • The more you know Him, the more you can take Him at His word, and the more you'll experience His power in your life.