1 Corinthians 3:1-9
One is lost, the other is saved.
While one is thriving in their walk of faith, the other is floundering and ineffective.
Of the flesh.
That prevents believers from moving onward and upward in the Christian life.
Christians must resist the tendency and the temptation to flounder.
How do these verses apply to me, individually?
Are there areas in which we are small-minded?
1. Let's Make an Effort to Move Away from Petty Conflicts.
  • Maybe a difference in approach, or style, or emphasis.
  • I don't have to think I'm right about everything all the time.
  • "Someone is wrong on the internet."
  • It means that everyone has the same commitment to seeking the truth and learning the truth while supporting one another in love.
  • "May we not be of one heart, though we are not of one opinion? Without all doubt, we may."
  • I will not be the reason there is conflict among us.
2. Let's Place No Limit on the Lessons We Can Learn from Others.
  • But that didn't stop each group of followers from manufacturing a difference.
  • "There's a word for you here today, if you're willing to listen."
  • We need to get past the idea that those with a different perspective have nothing to offer us in the way of leadership.
  • This attitude of us-and-them doesn't come from an emotionally superior or spiritually superior place.
3. Let's Remember Our Place in This Process.
  • They each did their part ... and it was God who caused the growth.
  • The results were for His glory, not their own.
  • You are God's project.
  • God is the one who causes the growth.
  • Our role in this process is to yield ourselves to God.
  • They're not yet ready because they don't want to be ready.
  • Let's fully embrace God's work in our lives.
  • I am God's project, His work in progress.