Listen to the Message

Matthew 26:1-13
An act of worship worthy to be told about throughout the ages.
Her past doesn't matter.
Neither is yours.
I want you to know that we're not into those kinds of labels, and neither is Jesus.
Don't let your past hold you back.
1. He is worth the very best you have to give.
  • Matthew says it was very expensive perfume.
  • Because Jesus is worth the very best we can give Him.
  • Be as "extravagant" with Him as you can afford to be.
2. He is worth the criticism you'll face.
  • They called it a waste.
  • Giving the best you have for Jesus is never a poor use of your resources.
  • While the woman was ministering to Jesus, the disciples were doing nothing.
  • They're the ones doing nothing.
  • They'll criticize your motives and they'll criticize your methods.
3. He's worth your attention right now.
  • His point here is that she is to be commended because she did something for Him, right now.
  • The most important time for expressing this devotion is right now.
  • She was willing to do something right now, and they weren't.
  • The difference between the woman and the disciples is that she worshiped Jesus in the present tense.
  • Do something now.
  • (v. 10) "She has done a beautiful thing for me..."